Lab Member News

Graduate students Derek Danahy and Isaac Jensen received multiple travel awards for their presentations at the Shock Society 2019 Annual Conference on Shock 

Derek Danahy received a NIH Pre-Doctoral Training Grant T32 from the Immunology Graduate Program- article

Isaac Jensen received a T32 training grant from the University of Iowa NIH Mechanisms of Parasitism  - article

Lab Research News

Drs. Vladimir Badovinac and John Harty receive a five-year research grant from the National Institutes of Health - article

Dr. Vladimir Badovinac received a  2 year research grant from the National Institutes of Health- article

Drs. Vladimir Badovinac and Kevin Legge received a Carver Trust Collaborative Pilot Grant- article

Dr. Vladimir Badovinac Received an Oberley Seed Grant Award from The Holden Comprehensive Cancer and its NCI Award- article