Lab members and Dr. Badovinac posing on the Medical Laboratories with their arms outstretched and they're all wearing red plaid flannel shirts
Badovinac Lab Photo 2023 – Mahil, Lizz, Roger, Mohammad, Vladimir, Debbie, Shravan, and Elvia (Pat is missing, as always)

About the Lab

Our long-term interest lies in elucidating the mechanisms that govern CD8 T cell responses after infection and/or immunization. We are interested in exploring the pathways that are involved in Ag-specific CD8 T cell homeostasis in vivo and exploring how the manipulation of these pathways can be used to facilitate the generation and maintenance of productive memory CD8 T cell responses in health and disease.

We are also investigating the sepsis-induced state of immunoparalysis and exploring treatments to restore/improve immunity in sepsis survivors.


The Badovinac lab is currently seeking highly skilled Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars to conduct cutting-edge research on T cell immunity after various types of infections and/or immunizations. Sepsis centered research based on experimental mouse models and human patients samples is priority.

Please direct inquires directly to

Dr. Badovinac

Vladimir P. Badovinac, PhD

Pathology Endowed Professor in Infection & Immunity Research
Extracurricular interests: Riding his bike around town....... and only occasionally crashing

New publication from Mohammad Heidarian

Sublethal whole-body irradiation induces permanent loss and dysfunction in pathogen-specific circulating memory CD8 T cell populations - PNAS 120: e2302785120 [please see the full text]