Shravan Kumar Kannan, MS

Graduate Student
Immunology Graduate Program

Education and Experience

Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology- SRMIST, Kattankulathur, India
Master of Science in Biology- California State University, Fresno
Research Associate II, Immunology- Dynavax Technologies, Berkeley
Scientist I, Cancer Biology- Abbvie, South San Francisco


My research in Badovinac lab focuses on understanding CD4 T cell mediated immune regulation during Radiation and sepsis induced Immune dysfunction.

About Shravan:

Apart from the lab, I enjoy brewing different kinds of coffee, motorcycle trips and travel. I also love biking, hiking, and everything outdoors.

Publications associated with the lab:

  1. Heidarian M, IJ Jensen, SK Kannan, LL Pewe, M Hassert, S Park, HH Xue, JT Harty*, and VP Badovinac*.  Sublethal whole-body irradiation induces permanent loss and dysfunction in pathogen-specific circulating memory CD8 T cell populations.  PNAS 120: e2302785120 (2023) [PubMed]
Shravan Kumar Kannan

Department of Pathology
1023 Medical Laboratories
25 South Grand Ave
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States

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