Elvia Silva, MS
Graduate Student

Department of Pathology
1023 ML
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242


Bachelor of Science in Biology - San Jose State University
Master of Science in Biology - California State University, Los Angeles


The Badovinac lab studies both CD8 T cell responses in infections/immunizations and immune responses in septic hosts. My current research focus is on evaluating corticosterone responses during sepsis and their downstream role in modulating disease. Also, I am using murine hepatitis virus (MHV-1) to define the extent to which murine corona virus infection of susceptible mouse strains evokes sepsis-like disease.

Publications associated with the lab

  1. Jensen IJ, PW McGonagill, RR Berton, BA Wagner, EE Silva, GR Buettner, TS Griffith, and VP Badovinac. Prolonged ROS production following septic insult. Immunohorizons 5: 477-488 (2021) [PubMed]