Steven Moioffer, BS

Graduate Student
Master of Science Program in Pathology


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, 2016 The University of Iowa
Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology, 2016 The University of Iowa


The Badovinac lab studies the CD8 T cell response to various pathogens and immunization. My work focuses on how these responses change upon antigen re-encounter and the role of tissue resident memory CD8 T cells in the context of influenza infection.

Publications associated with the lab

  1. Silva EE, SJ Moioffer, M Hassert, RR Berton, MG Smith, S Van de Wall, DK Meyerholz, TS Griffith, JT Harty, and VP Badovinac. Defining parameters that modulate susceptibility and protection to respiratory murine coronavirus MHV1 infection. J Immunol in press (2024)
  2. Moioffer SJ, RR Berton, PW McGonagill, IJ Jensen, TS Griffith, and VP Badovinac. Inefficient recovery of repeatedly stimulated memory CD8 T cells after polymicrobial sepsis induction leads to changes in memory CD8 T cell pool composition. J Immunol 210: 168-179 (2023) [PubMed]
  3. Moioffer SJ*, DB Danahy*, S van de Wall, IJ Jensen, FV Sjaastad, SM Anthony,  JT Harty, TS Griffith, and VP Badovinac. Severity of sepsis determines the degree of impairment observed in circulatory and tissue-resident memory CD8 T cell populations. J Immunol 207: 1871-1881 (2021) [PubMed]
  4. Antony SM*, N Van Braeckel-Budimir*, SJ Moioffer, S van de Wall, Q Shan, R Vijay, R Sompallae, SM Hartwig, IJ Jensen, SM Varga, NS Butler, HH Xue, VP Badovinac*, and JT Harty*. Protective function and durability of mouse lymph node resident memory CD8 T cells. eLife 10: e68662 (2021) [PubMed]
Steven Moioffer