Isaac Jensen, PhD

Graduate Student, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Immunology 2016-2020
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2020-2021


Bachelor of Science in Biology - University of North Dakota
PhD - University of Iowa 2020


NK cell responses control and define the sepsis-induced cytokine storm and immunoparalysis state

Sepsis is a dysregulated host response to systemic infection that leads to immunologic dysfunction and organ damage. This dysregulated host response, termed the cytokine storm, is composed of both pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines that are detrimental or beneficial to host survival, respectively. While early intervention has improved survival of the acute inflammatory event, approximately 20% of people still succumb to the cytokine storm. Frustratingly, >100 phase II and II clinical trials aimed at limiting pro-inflammatory cytokines have failed indicating a greater need to understand the cytokine storm in order to improve patient outcomes. Yet, even as survival of the septic event has increased, it has become apparent that septic patients experience a prolonged state of immunologic dysfunction, termed immunoparalysis, that reduces host capacity to respond to secondary infections. My thesis work focuses on NK cells to understand the interplay between cellular responses and the septic event, this is with respect to both how NK cells influence septic inflammation and how NK cells become impaired contributing to the immunoparalysis state.


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Isaac Jensen