Elvia Silva, MS

Graduate Student
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Immunology


Bachelor of Science in Biology - San Jose State University
Master of Science in Biology - California State University, Los Angeles


The Badovinac lab studies both CD8 T cell responses in infections/immunizations and immune responses in septic hosts. My current research focus is on evaluating corticosterone responses during sepsis and their downstream role in modulating disease. Also, I am using murine hepatitis virus (MHV-1) to define the extent to which murine corona virus infection of susceptible mouse strains evokes sepsis-like disease.

Publications associated with the lab

  1. Silva EE, SJ Moioffer, M Hassert, RR Berton, MG Smith, S Van de Wall, DK Meyerholz, TS Griffith, JT Harty, and VP Badovinac. Defining parameters that modulate susceptibility and protection to respiratory murine coronavirus MHV1 infection. J Immunol in press (2024)
  2. Barrios EL, MB Mazer, P McGonagill, CB Bergmann, MD Goodman, RW Gould, M Rao, V Polcz, R Davis, D Del Toro, M Dirain, A Dram, L Hale, M Heidarian, CY Kim, TA Kucaba, JP Lanz, A McCray, S Meszaros, S Miles, C Nelson, I Rocha, EE Silva, R Ungaro, A Walton, J Xue, L Zeumer-Spataro, AM Drewry, M Liang, LE Bible, T Loftus, I Turnbull, PA Efron, KE Remy, S Brakenridge, VP Badovinac, TS Griffith, LL Moldawer, RS Hotchkiss and CC Caldwell. Adverse long-term outcomes and an immune suppressed endotype in sepsis patients with reduced interferon-g ELISpot: A multicenter, prospective observational study.  JCI Insight 9: e175785 (2024) [PubMed]
  3. Silva EE, C Skon-Hegg, VP Badovinac, and TS Griffith.  The calm after the storm: Implications of sepsis immunoparalyses on host immunity.  J Immunol 211: 711-719 (2023) [PubMed]
  4. Jensen IJ, PW McGonagill, RR Berton, BA Wagner, EE Silva, GR Buettner, TS Griffith, and VP Badovinac. Prolonged ROS production following septic insult. Immunohorizons 5: 477-488 (2021) [PubMed]
Elvia Silva